Counseling and Therapy with an Experienced Psychologist
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Therapy for Men, Women and Couples in Westlake Village Chen Z. Oren, Ph.D.
Counseling Psychologist
32129 Lindero Canyon Road
Suite 201
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Therapy for men, women, couples, and athletes in Westlake Village, California

Treating clients for relationship problems, depression, anxiety, self-growth, sports psychology, men's issue. Not only a therapist, Dr. Oren is a psychologist (see About).

Dr. Oren understands the challenges, hopes, and fears clients face in the process of seeking therapy. His goal is to create a safe atmosphere that will enable clients to explore. At the same time, he looks at underlying issues and confronts them in an empathic manner. He believes that the relationship tends to be more important than technique and focuses on where the client is and what his or her particular needs and goals are. Recognizing strengths, and not just looking at what is wrong, is an important part of therapy.

Common Counseling Issues

While everyone comes to counseling or therapy with their own concerns, common issues that clients often want to reduce or eliminate include:
low self-esteem
relationship difficulties
unresolved grief & loss
fears and phobias
body image disorders

Strengths to increase or enhance may include:
improved functioning
increased performance
actualizing potential
relationship skills
communication skills
deepening insight
marriage strengthening
change through awareness

Dr. Oren's training allows him to create individualized treatment plans. His compassionate, direct style helps you learn to function more effectively at work, at home, and socially.

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