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Therapy for Men, Women and Couples in Westlake Village Chen Z. Oren, Ph.D.
Counseling Psychologist
32129 Lindero Canyon Road
Suite 201
Westlake Village, CA 91361


Dr. Oren has a private practice in Westlake Village where he provides therapy to men, women, couples, and athletes. He is a general practitioner with specialties in menís issues, relationships, and sports psychology. Dr. Oren is licensed as a psychologist in California (PSY19392). He received a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from USC and also did his clinical training at USC. As a professor in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Phillips Graduate Institute, he trained doctoral students about the theory and practice of therapy.

With his wife Dora Chase Oren, Ph.D., he co-edited Counseling Fathers, a book about the strengths and challenges of fathers and how therapists can help them. He has written numerous articles and book chapters on effective counseling, therapy with men, and counseling fathers and he presents at local and national conferences.

Dr. Oren served on the board of the American Psychological Associationís Division 51, The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity. He helped organize the National Psychotherapy with Men Conference at Cal State Northridge. He has been involved with the annual American Psychological Association conventions, recently chairing symposium on men and fathers.

Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Therapist, Counselor, Life Coach, Psychotherapist...Whatís the difference?

Psychologists are licensed by the California Board of Psychology and have doctorates in philosophy or psychology. Psychologists have scientific research, education (often seven or more years after college), and thousands of hours of training to provide clients with research-based therapies.

The titles therapist, counselor, psychotherapist, life coach can instead refer to varying levels of education and experience. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who often prescribe medication to treat psychological conditions.

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